Citroen Ami6 at a Total petrol station, Ami6 brochure, ca. 1966 / 1967

Welcome to the Citroen Ami6 Wiki!

This site is dedicated to the famous Citroen Ami6, known as one of the most outstandingly designed and well sold cars made in France within the 60ies.

The goal of this Wiki is to create a substantial knowledge and document base for interested visitors allowing to identify vehicles, do some research, to support in maintenance works or just simply stay tuned about the Ami6.

This site is run on a voluntary basis, „priority level 99“. Please be patient, by far not all data which is supposed to be published here, is already entered. Primarily, the focus is on storing textual information - „form follows function“ - this is why the tool chosen is „DokuWiki“. You basically won't find Flash or other „gadgets“ in here. Images and graphics will be uploaded over time. Some pages are still not translated yet (red=still missing) so please be patient, and try to understand the German version… ;-)

Not yet prepared are „web 2.0“ features for community-related services (eg. registration of cars for a central register, subscription to newsletters from the Ami6 community etc.) - some work to be done next year…

A special Thank You is for those personalities which I managed to talk to and get some information by interviews which resulted in more details published also on this website, members of the former team of Flaminio Bertoni:
Henri Dargent, Bertoni's personal assistant, Robert Opron, colleague and later on head of the „Bureau des Etudes“ after Bertoni's death, as well as Leonardo Bertoni, the son of Flaminio Bertoni.


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Table Of Contents


The Models

Tech. Data

Literature & Memorabilia

Ami6 Register

Everything Else

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