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News during 2009

  • Long Term Parking - the french-american artist Arman creates an outstanding artefact for the Ami6 (and 58 other cars)

News during 2008

  • La Route de l'Eau - a quite remarkable travel report and road movie: The Ami6 Estate tours from France into Mongolia.
  • Ami6 evolution - detailed overview about the different changes during production, on almost 20 pages.
  • Der Ami6 in the movies - and there are quite a lot, you might be surprised. This article was inspired by a movie poster found accidentally in a Paris subway station.

News during 2007

Organisations which are (but not only) of importance for the Ami6

News during 2006

  • Guestbook - we're happy to hear from you in our guest book.

News during 2005

* Expo Bertoni: An exhibition about the life of Flaminio Bertoni

Consolidation of facts and figures related to the Citroën Ami6

Checking out more closely: Ami6 Design

June 2005:

The „Virtual Citroen Ami6 Garage“ encountered a relaunch - both in layout and application: Based on DokuWiki this site regains momentum and allows a way better management of a knowledge base. Because keeping and preserving some knowledge and heritage is one of the goals and missions of this website…

An earlier presence has been the Geocities-Urahn-Präsenz Virtual Ami6 Garage, a bit cranky layout for some visitors though - not everybody's darling.

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