24th April 1961: Ami6 presented in NL

We've been able to sneak a peek into the Dutch national archives and discovered several photos being taken at the ceremony of the official presentation of the Ami6 in the Amsterdam Stadionplein event hall.

The Director of Citroen Nederland, A. Lucas, sets the stage for the new car, being inspired by the new era of automobile design by Automobiles Citroen, well known by the DS19 presentation 6 years ago. The Ami6 shall be perceived as a model of comfort and economy, and truely has not been created as an improved 2CV nor a reduced DS19 but is positioned as an own middle class vehicle. Related to the namegiving „Ami“, he recommends the car to be the best-suited companion for the modern automobilist in the Netherlands.

Let's look closely at some of the photos taken:

The Ami6 is being presented as an international car, referring to the market inauguration on the same day in several locations throughout Germany. After his speech, Mr. Lucas pushes the famous red button, and then the well-hiddden car is being revealed from inside a globe and rolled in front of the waiting audience.

The spare wheel is located below the front hood and offers additional luggage space in the back.

As you can clearly see, the car being presented is still one from the preseries, the front bumper is not the same like in the later produced models but still fancies the two parallel horizontal bars across the whole front.

There are around 100 people int the hall, amongst them many journalists as well as the Dutch ANWB, and of course they can hardly wait to get their hands onto the car and inspect it to a deeper level. The doors are opened and many talks start about the spacious interior, the finishing, the engine of course etc. - analyzing technologies, comfort and design.

There is a copyright of these shots at the national archive of the Netherlands resp. the agency and it's photographers.

Enjoy watching the details!

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